Dreaming in Denham

There is nothing better than knowing the first thing you are going to do after you finish work, is to drive less than 10 minutes to a beautiful private golf course, and that you will be playing golf for 18 holes as a start to the Christmas vacation.

OK with the sun going down early its even better that work was over at 12pm and that I was playing Golf with my borther. Normally we will post about golf courses around the world, but as we both live out of England it was a lovely treat to be able to play back in Hertfordshire, we hope you find this review interesting.

As you enter Denham Golf Club you go through some gates, which open quickly when you buzz through. Although Denham is private, they accept reservations from golfers with a handy cap, so don’t be put off.

At the club house, you not only have a beautiful, old country house to welcome you with a warm bar inside, but also a nicely up to date pro shop. The lady who was there when we played welcomed us with a warm smile and lots of tips about staying out of the rough due to the conditions being slightly wet. We were warned about 2 holes that were under repair with temporary greens and to avoid going to far right on the 2nd hole – even if it looked like the best way to drive off. I love that – those little extra bits of help for what is already a very challenging game.

Onto the course. The holes in the main were very well kept, with the fairways giving some good bounce despite the weather. I liked the way you could really hit at the greens too. I don’t have the best of control from over 100 yards out, but to see my ball stick on the green after a 180 yard 5 iron on the 4th hole, was especially pleasing. I got the impression that the greens would be super fast in the summer but they ran true and you could have a real go at the hole.

Teeing off in Denham

This course really is a good find. There is a lot to challenge you with fairly high and wet rough in the early holes, and some tee positions that point you slightly in the ‘wrong’ direction adding to the challenge. The more you get into the round, the more the trees start to encroach. Trees I find are a bit like water. They only become a problem when they get into your head….

I managed to sneak ahead early on and kept my lead, but the keenly fought round was made perfect but the warm welcome, and friendly locals who made us feel at home on this very private course. This is typified by their approach to the dress code. Its focused on the traditions of golf, but adopts a Smart Casual approach to play.

It was also the first time our new Knight Dunswood Golf Bags got together on the course. We borrowed (for free) two buggies to pull them along, and enjoyed chatting away to one of the locals about what it took to design, build, and yes now sell, our own bags – a real treat to chat to someone who really knew what he wanted in a bag, and perhaps more importantly for the job at hand, knew the course well.

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