Dead Eye Dubai – The Els Club

We booked a round at the fancy Els Course, and, after having our practice supported by the attentive staff (the pyramid of range balls was magically rebuilt after every practice shot) we were ready to head out. Unlike most pay and play courses we were not paired with anyone else which helped settle the 1st tee nerves for sure. This didn’t help Braden’s driving much but he more than made up for it with his dead eye putting (something of a trait of his (which was even more impressive as the greens were nothing short of rapid!), and his cheeky chip in for birdie from one of the numerous bunkers (I guess sand isn’t in shortage in Dubai). The course was also memorable for the 100s of holiday homes around the course – not my favorite if I am honest, but I guess it’s what pays for the course. Perhaps the reason I don’t like courses like that is because it just adds to the fear when you have a driver in your hand!

Us on the golf course with Dubai in the background

The real reason to drift back to this round was actually the 19th hole. I still don’t really remember which of us won the first ‘Cup’ because we played 3 rounds in Dubai over a 4 day weekend and, as tradition dictates with us, the holder of the Dunswood Cup is the winner of the last round of the trip. However, I do remember agreeing to meet up somewhere around the world, near or far, at least once a year (something we have stuck to since way back in 2010) whilst we enjoyed the 19th hole to the maximum until well after sun down.

Whilst this short post isn’t actually a review it does, I hope , set up future reviews and gives you a little context. We love our golf, but we love sharing the moment, and the memories even more.

Man hitting a ball with the clubhouse in the background

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